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Friday, 9 November 2012

My top 100 horror movies part VII.The final chapter.

Here we go, the last part of the list is here.

23.Candyman ( 1992 ) .

Based on the Clive Barker short story "The Forbidden", Bernard Rose brings us his and Clive Barker's take on the slasher movie, albeit with a tragic twist. The performances in this movie are truly hypnotic, the music amazing and the ending stays with you for a long time after the movie has finished. Tony Todd plays one of the most memorable and truly sympathetic horror movie villains since Boris Karloff wore the Frankenstein's monster make up. A woman investigating urban legends comes across the story of Candyman, but after jokingly saying his name five times into a mirror with her friend, strange things begin happening and people begin to die.

22.A nightmare on Elm street ( 1984 ) .

I know the ending totally ruins this movie, but there is no denying how much of an effective scare machine the original movie is. The movie tells the story of a group of friends who are all seeming to dream of a horribly disfigured man with razors on his hand. As each of them succumb to their dreams, only one of them can uncover the secret their parents have been hiding for years and defeat the man of their dreams.

21.Creepshow ( 1982 ) .

I love this movie. Every single story in this anthology movie kicks so much ass. My personal favorite has to be the crate, but each one is so over the top that if you don't enjoy this movie then you won't enjoy anything ever. Five tales reminiscent of E.C comics, where the protagonist in each story will always receive their comeuppance for a bad deed they committed in the past. So much fun!!

20.Hellraiser ( 1987 ) .

Another Clive Barker movie, and perhaps the most romantic horror movie I have ever seen. A musical puzzle box is solved by a man named Frank Cotton, which calls forth the cenobites, ancient beings who mingle pleasure and pain into one ecstatic feeling. If you haven't seen this movie then get right on it. There really is no excuse. Also of note are Bob Keen's FX. Truly mind blowing!!

19.Suspiria ( 1977 ) .

The most beautiful, artistic horror movie I have ever seen. The soundtrack is truly chilling and the cinematography breathtaking. A young girl travels to a dance academy in Germany, only to discover it is home to one of the "Three mothers", Mater Suspiriorum! A movie of pure beauty and unadulterated horror. It plays out like a blood soaked fairy tale and is all the more shocking for it.

18.Inside ( 2007 ) .

Another French horror movie, and in all honesty this movie is disturbing in every way. A pregnant woman is stalked by a psychotic assailant who murders everyone that enters the woman's home. The reasons for her wanting the woman become clear and all the more shocking as the movie reaches it's terrifying climax. A truly sickening horror movie, and the first one in a long time that had any sort of effect on me.

17.The beyond ( 1981 ) .

Fulci brings us not only another slice of supernatural horror, but also a commentary on life and what he feels comes after. One of the seven gates of Hell is thrown wide open beneath a hotel and as the hotel is being renovated, people begin dying in mysterious ways. The film contains very little violence (apart from the scene with Schweik being whipped with the chain at the beginning and the girl having her head blown off), with the rest of the deaths being caused by unnatural causes such as a mans face being eaten by spiders or glass being blown into someones face. An amazingly creepy movie, the tension suffocates, and the ending certainly doesn't wish to make anyone happy.

16.Haute tension ( 1993 ) .

Alexandre Aja's debut movie, and one hell of a gory slasher movie. Two friends are chased by a serial killer who murders one of the friends parents and others. I personally don't believe the ending was a cop out. I thought it was an incredibly awesome twist to an already amazing film. Also of note are the FX, which were handled by Fulci regular Giannetto De Rossi. One blood soaked ride, and one that captures insanity perfectly.

15.August underground's Mordum ( 2003 ) .

Still to this day the most depraved, sickening movie I have ever seen. I'm not going to say much about this one for fear of ruining the shocking content of the movie, other than to say it is a continuation and amplification of all that went before in the original August Underground. Go see it .... if you dare!!!!

14.28 days later ( 2002 ) .

Another British horror film, and one that mistakenly seems to always be lumped in with the zombie sub genre. Animal rights activists break into  laboratory, who are then attacked by a chimp infected by the highly contagious "Rage" virus , which then happens to spread throughout London. A blood soaked, highly emotional movie with brilliant cinematography and heaps of emotion. This is a horror movie that also manages to prey on our fears of being alone.

13.Friday the 13th ( 1980 ) .

Camp Crystal lake is about to be opened once more, but the Councillors are being murdered in ever more gruesome ways. Who is behind the killings?? One of my favorite slasher movies ever, the FX by Tom Savini are mind blowing and Betsy Palmer's performance is truly brilliant.

12.The last house on the left ( 1972 ) .

Two friends are kidnapped by a group of killers/rapists, and the film tells of their fight for survival. This film is still shocking to this day, the content is sickening and the realistic subject matter make this movie all the more chilling. David Hess is amazing as the chief protagonist Krug. Just keep repeating.... It's only a movie...... It's only a movie....... It's only a movie.

11.Deep red ( 1975 ) .

Argento brings us another Giallo movie, this time telling the story of a musician who bears witness to a famous psychic being murdered,  and decides to investigate further into the murders happening all around which he feels are linked. Some brilliant set pieces, spectacular murder scenes and amazing photography again make this another Argento film to enjoy time and time again.

10.Day of the dead ( 1985 ) .

Romero's best (at least in my opinion) zombie movie tells the story of battling scientists and soldiers holed up in an underground bunker. This movie has to be the most pessimistic, downright depressing zombie movie I have ever watched. Every scene oozes hopelessness. The deaths in this movie also have to be seen to be believed. Truly sickening!!

9.The thing ( 1982 ) .

THE greatest remake ever made (at least so far), John Carpenter brings us a truly frightening tale of an alien life form unleashed in the arctic, and how a group of scientists deal with their numbers being overtaken by the malevolent life form. Some sickening effects, and a real feeling of isolation make this a classic to be viewed again and again and again!

8.The wicker man ( 1973 ) .

A policeman travels to the island of Summerisle, in search of a little girl who has disappeared. The depiction of differing religions ( Christianity and Celtic Paganism) and the truly chilling ending make this, in my opinion, one of the greatest horror movies ever made.

7.The Texas chain saw massacre ( 1974 ) .

A group of young friends come across an old house, but the inhabitants aren't that welcoming. They nevertheless decide to have a few of the friends over for dinner. The lack of violence, the sickening set pieces, the feeling of pure terror running through every second of this movie make it one of the purest horror movies I have ever seen.

6.City of the living dead ( 1980 ) .

In my opinion, the greatest Fulci movie ever made. A priest commits suicide by hanging himself over the cemetery in Dunwich, therefore opening the gates of hell and releasing supernaturally powered zombies who lay waste to the people of Dunwich  along with the spirit of the Priest. Great gore FX , sinister scenery and a huge drill through Giovanni Lambardo Radice's head!! What more could a discerning horror fan ask for.

5.The exorcist ( 1973 ) .

This film was made purely to frighten, and it still manages to do so to this day. I agree that how much it bothers you may depend on your religious standpoint, but there is no denying the power and fear this movie promotes. A young girl begins behaving strangely and after undergoing many medical tests, her mother comes to the conclusion she is possessed.

4.The burning ( 1981 ) .

What is in my opinion, the greatest slasher movie ever made comes in at number four. Teenagers play a prank on the caretaker and as he knocks the burning skull used in the prank onto his sheets he is engulfed in flames. He makes his way to another camp, gruesomely picking off campers one by one with his trademark garden shears. Tom Savini handles the FX in this movie, and the carnage is unbelievable.

3.Psycho ( 1960 ) .

Alfred Hitchcock brings us the blueprint for all slasher movies of the future. Norman Bates runs the Bates motel. After meeting a young woman named Marion Crane, Norman's Mother doesn't agree with her son liking girls, and Mother is going to do something about it. Anthony Perkins is chilling in the role of Norman Bates. It still sends shivers down my spine to this day and the shower scene with all that chocolate sauce (mmmmmm chocolate) still stands up today, as does the whole movie.

2.Cannibal holocaust ( 1980 ) .

The first ever found footage movie (forget the Blair witch project claiming as such) this movie is graphic, sickening, and everything else a horror movie should be while also making valid claims on the carelessness of humanity and how we try to dominate those we feel are inferior. Don't deny yourself viewing this classic horror movie. Watch it NOW!!!

1.John Carpenter's Halloween ( 1978 ) .

Everything about this movie makes it scary. The long, lonely shots of the empty streets. The shapes pale mask, the way he seems to be in no rush to accomplish what he came back to Haddonfield for, the music. This film still is in my opinion the greatest horror movie ever made, and still holds the title to this day of being the only horror movie to ever scare me.

Thank you for taking the time to read through my top 100 horror movies. I would love to hear your thoughts on what I have chosen, so please feel free to leave comments below.

Darkest regards......Dani.




  1. "City" ahead of "The Beyond"? A bold choice. I love it.

  2. I'm surprised that "The Omen" and "The Changeling" weren't on there, but even more by how highly you've rated "Cannibal Holocaust".

    I get the feeling that your preference is for slashers and "blood and guts" shockers. Nothing wrong with that.

    I've seen some horror lists with "Twilight", "Underworld" and "Resident Evil in the top ten, but only on sites where they think that John Carpenter directed "Scream". :)

  3. I personally wouldn't even class resident evil or twilight as horror.The terminator,or predator may also be considered horror though if resident evil and twilight are,as they both feature an unstoppable killing machine hunting down a group of humans.I can't believe people consider twilight or the resident evil horror.I would rather spend the night watching a Jess Franco marathon than watch resident evil or twilight again.

  4. If Resident Evil actually reflected the game it would have been a horror. Should have been a horror. I must say that I found Twilight fairly horrific and traumatic though. It's good to see Psycho on there as Gus Van Sant assumed that people didn't watch black and white films now, when he made the colour remake.

    I agree completely about The Thing being the best remake. Strangely the thing that impresses me most about The Thing are the matte shots by Albert Whitlock. They still look stunning today even when watched on the unforgiving Blu-ray version.

    It's interesting to note that the top 13 were all made before 1985. Make of that what you will.

    Thanks for producing the list. It's been a great read. Just makes me think I need to do my top 100 at some point...

  5. I had a blast reading through your top 100. I've seen most, although not the foreign ones. I was happy to see the old "Scanners" in there. I think I saw that along with "The Fury" a long time ago but never forgot them. Sorry to admit I'm a fan of "Resident Evil," "Quarantine 1 & 2," and "The Reaping." It was really great to read your synopses of the 100 and remind myself of them. Thanks for being a Horror supporter. There aren't enough of us. :-)

  6. Considering I didn't last 10 minutes into the first episode of the Walking Dead, I did enjoy your count down. The Nightmare on Elm Street movies still freak me out, but zombies...sorry can't do it. Nothing scares me more than zombies, lol!

  7. Hey there Dani... ;) Your list makes an interesting read dude! We share many views and favourites, just as certain missing titles show that we also have many differences. Your personal choices are at times bold, often food for thought and sometimes satisfyingly expected :) It's great that you included various sub-genre's, decades and languages... You're an intelligent guy, brave for sharing your personal views and extremely composed to disregard some people's childish and pointless comments. Cheers for giving me a few new flicks to check out too buddy! ;)

  8. Thank you for the kind words Keri!