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Thursday, 1 November 2012

My top 100 horror movies Part II .

Lets get straight back into this.

84.Blood feast ( 1963 ) .

Any film that chooses an actress on the basis that she can fit a cow tongue in her mouth is ok by me!! Another H.G Lewis masterpiece, anyone who is interested in seeing the beginnings of gore in cinema has to check this movie out. A caterer sacrifices beautiful women to an Egyptian goddess with gory and (unintentionally hilarious) consequences!!

83.Slaughter high ( 1986 ) .

Something different from the UK here. Our very own attempt at the slasher movie. Yes, the accents are terrible but the FX are sickening and the story is alright, but as I have mentioned before it's the kills we watch these movies for, and this has them in spades!! Poor Marty gets burned when a prank is played on him, and years later hes back to take revenge on the people who caused his injuries. Some people mention the ending being a complete cop out, but really its different and quite hilarious!!

82.Lighthouse ( 2000 ) .

If you enjoy a good decapitation, then this is certainly the film for you because believe me, heads certainly do roll! Survivors of a shipwreck are stalked and beheaded by an escaped psycho. That really is all you need to know!!!

81.Resurrecting the street walker ( 2009 ) .

An awesome, involving and deeply unsettling British horror which touches on the insanity of video nasties, and a sly supernatural undercurrent. An ambitious movie runner and film nut finds an abandoned and incomplete film titled "Street walker" ,and decides to finish the film but it ends up taking over his life and the lines between whats happening in real life and in the movie are blurred beyond recognition.

80.A bay of blood ( 1971 ) .

Another Bava movie, this time he turns the screen crimson with this amazing tale of murder and greed. A family fight it out for inheritance and the only way they are going to get it is by murdering one another! Probably Bava's most graphically violent movie, and one that had a huge impact on the slasher genre.

79.The new york ripper ( 1982 ) .

Fulci. What more needs to be said. This film is truly sickening, perverted and violent. And it really doesn't let up for the entire duration of the movie. Probably Fulci's most coherent horror movie, the kills in this one are truly stomach turning .A killer with a strange Donald duck esque voice murders women. Again and again and again. Check it out if you haven't already!!

78.The phantom of death ( 1988 ) .

Another Giallo makes it to the list. This one was directed by Ruggero Deodato, and tells the story of a man driven insane by a disease which makes him age rapidly. Some Argento style camera shots and well orchestrated violence make this one to watch .

77.Macabre ( 1980 ) .

Directed by the son of the great Mario Bava, Lamberto Bava brings us a movie that is probably the closest to his fathers work. A woman has an affair behind her families back, but a violent accident kills her lover. The woman is released from a mental asylum and is happy to continue her carnal relationship with the dead man. Is it all in her head, or has she found a new way to satisfy her lust for her dead lover. Believe me, it certainly won't be anything you expect!!

76.Poltergeist ( 1982 ) .

Who hasn't actually seen this movie? A family is haunted by malevolent spirits who abduct the daughter and take her to the other side. Incredibly tame by today's standards even though this movie is directed by Tobe Hooper, it has Spielberg stamped all over it.

75.The exorcist III ( 1990 ) .

Set fifteen years after the original film, the film tells the story of LT.William Kinderman, who is investigating a series of satanic murders which all have the hallmarks of the deceased serial killer "The Gemini" .In my opinion, this one actually lives up to the original. Excerpts of audio from the movie can be heard in the Necrophagia track "Blaspheme the body" found on their "The divine art of torture" album.

Thats all for now. Until next time....

Darkest regards......Dani.



  1. I didn't know what "Lighthouse" was so I looked it up. In the US, it's called "Dead of Night" which is only slightly confusing for people who like the 1945 film of the same title (I don't though, I hate it. Crappy black and white. Ugh!)

    I haven't seen "Resurrecting the Street Walker", but that sounds interesting.

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