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Monday, 5 November 2012

My top 100 horror movies part IV.

The forth part. If you are still with me, I hope you enjoy reading.

59.Dagon ( 2001 ) .

Stuart Gordon brings us probably the greatest adaptation of H.P Lovecraft's work. Although the movie isn't actually based on the short story Dagon, it is based on the story "The shadow over Innsmouth". Some friends on a yachting holiday are washed up against some rocks. While two of the friends stay on the boat, the other two take a lifeboat to a small fishing village where everything isn't as it seems. This movie is creepy, gory and as I said before, definitely the most faithful adaptation of any of Lovecraft's work.

58.Teeth ( 2007 ) .

I must admit to being incredibly disappointed with this movie on first viewing, but after watching it again, I found myself really enjoying it. Admittedly, not showing the "teeth" in question didn't really sell the movie to me at first, but it really works and the humor, while not incredibly prevalent, works really well too. It also works as a morality tale. Check it out for yourself.

57.Scream ( 1996 ) .

Wes Craven brings us this Horror/Comedy, and I for one found it incredibly refreshing. I really don't feel the need to say much about this as anyone who is anyone has seen this, but for you who haven't, its a slasher movie with pop culture references and it is also incredibly self aware.Enjoy!

56.Henry : Portrait of a serial killer ( 1986 ) .

Loosely based on the exploits of real life serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, This is one brutal ride and again another movie that you tend to survive more than enjoy. Sick, sadistic and shocking, this should be on every horror movie fans to view list. Michael Rooker's performance is so intense it chills the blood!!

55.Dawn of the dead ( 1978 ) .

I'm going to be controversial here and say that I really do enjoy Argento's cut of the movie so much more than the Romero version. Maybe it's because Argento takes the comedy away and leaves one brutal pessimistic movie behind. Dawn of the dead tells the story of a group of survivors who take shelter in a shopping mall. Definatly one of the bloodiest movies I have ever witnessed and again, one that every horror fan should own!!

54.Inferno ( 1980 ) .

Yes, the film doesn't make sense. But if you look into it, it isn't supposed to. It's supposed to be dreamlike, stringing horrific images together, and I for one found it incredibly enjoyable although I must admit to not liking the musical score as much as I enjoy them in other Argento movies. This is a thematic sequel to Suspiria and continues the nightmarish visuals seen in that movie. The underwater scene in the beginning is absolutely amazing!! A young man haunted by the Mother of Tears, travels to New York to investigate the disappearance of his sister only to discover the apartment building she was staying in belongs to the Mother of darkness.

53.Deadgirl ( 2008 ) .

I read so much about this movie and only got around to watching it last year. I wasn't disgusted, shocked or anything but I did see one of the greatest genre pieces I had seen in a long time. The performances all around are amazing and the loss of innocence coupled with being a teenager is handled incredibly well. Couple that with a zombie girl who is tied up and used as a sex toy, and you have one incredibly subversive, controversial horror movie.

52.Videodrome ( 1983 ) .

Another Cronenberg movie, this time about the dangers of violence in cinema. It tells the story of a CEO of a small cable TV operator, who hears of a broadcast signal which shows extreme violence and torture. But there is a conspiracy involved and as the movie goes on, the lines between reality and fantasy are blurred as the CEO suffers horrific hallucinations. This film , as most of Cronenberg's other work, is a complete head trip, but also intelligent and it contains a lot of subtext.

51.Brain damage ( 1988 ) .

Frank Henenlotter brings us this strange tale of a parasite named Aylmer, who in return for feasting on human brains, will inject his host with a strange hallucinogenic secretion. Crazy, funny, gory and very strange, I enjoy all of Henenlotter's movies, and this one is no exception. It manages to find itself in the top 100 because of the amazingly bizarre Aylmer, and the grimness of the cinematography. Not to mention the amazing scenes of gore.


50.Evilspeak ( 1981 ) .

I love this movie!!! Clint Howard plays a bullied Army cadet who happens to find a diary written by Father Estoban, a satanic priest we see at the beginning of the movie. Using his knowledge of computers, Clint Howard's character translates the diary. His character then takes revenge on his classmates using black magic, culminating in one hell of a bloodbath. I love the way the heads literally explode when they are hit with the broadsword!!! And the pigs!!! Just check out those pigs!!

Darkest regards......Dani.



  1. I forgot all about "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" until your list. Is there a sequel or did I imagine it?

  2. Yeah,its called mask of sanity,but it really is a tiresome retread of what went before.

  3. I think more controversial than preferring the Argento cut is having it at #55!

    Great list, though. Keep 'em coming.