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Friday, 2 November 2012

My top 100 horror movies III .

Again, I'm gonna get straight back into it (and yes, I should have done more last night but I suffered an attack of hypoglycemia. Oh yes, the perils of being a type 1 diabetic).

74.Someones knocking at the door ( 2009 ) .

What a complete headtrip of a movie. Insane beyond belief but also an amazing throwback to the grindhouse movies of yesteryear. A pair of brutal serial killers/rapists return to kill/rape a group of students. I really can't give anymore away. This movie really does hurt my head, but I love it!!

73.Cronos ( 1983 ) .

A strange take on the vampire myth. This is Guillermo Del Toro's first feature film but still manages to capture all the fantastical elements captured in his later movies. Escape for a while, and enjoy the hell out of this one!

72.Eraserhead ( 1977 ) .

Never has a film been so strange, so disturbing, so... I really can't think of any more words to describe this masterpiece of the macabre. Not a film to enjoy (not in the normal sense anyway), but certainly one to experience!!

71.Peeping Tom ( 1960 ) .

In my humble opinion, this is THE first ever slasher movie and also the first movie to actually involve the viewer in the murders taking place by using P.O.V camera shots. Again, its incredibly tame by today's standards, but is a brilliant movie and a must for any fan of the Slasher sub genre.

70.The Amityville horror ( 1979 ) .

The greatest haunted house movie ever made (at least thats what I think anyway), this film still manages to disturb me even after many years after my first viewing. A couple of newlyweds move into a house where a strange entity attempts to wipe them out. Amazingly tense, this movie is another must see!!

69.The Brood ( 1979 ) .

Another Cronenberg shocker. This is another amazing movie from the Canadian director. This film has it all. Mutant children, fetus eating, even the late great Oliver Reed!!! If this one doesn't manage to disturb you, consider yourself one of the lucky ones!!

68.Childs Play ( 1988 ) .

Charles Lee Ray is a serial killer who manages to transfer his soul into a Goodguy doll. Then he tries to possess the first person who he reveals himself to, who just happens to be a young boy. I love this movie. The feeling of suspense when I first saw this was almost unbearable. I know the sequels are not half as good, but this one definitely deserves to be in the top 100.

67.Children of the corn ( 1984 ) .

A religious cult of children believe everyone in their town should be killed/sacrificed to He who walks behind the rows when they reach the age of eighteen. Two adults become trapped in the sleepy town and have to survive the demonic children. This film manages to make children scary, devious and downright frightening. Give it a go. You never know, you might like it. But seriously, after the first sequel don't bother. Really.

66.Dead and buried ( 1981 ) .

Another one I used to see in my local Plazza video store all the time when I was young. This film features one of the creepiest scenes ever committed to celluloid (just check out when they find the wreckage of the burned out car with the body inside, and please, don't say i didn't warn you). Also notable for featuring a cameo by one Robert Englund. Tourists are murdered in a sleepy seaside town, but days later they are returning to life. How is this happening? Give it a watch to find out!!

65.Dolls ( 1987 ) .

Yes. The mighty Stuart Gordon brings us what is probably the greatest killer doll film EVER MADE! This movie is pure fantasy, and all the more enjoyable for it. A group of tourists stop by an old mansion owned by two old toy makers and their magical dolls. This is pure eighties magic.

64.From dusk till dawn ( 1996 ) .

Who doesn't want to visit a bar like the Titty twister?? Never mind the fact it's populated by ravenous vampires!! The cameos in this movie are a joy to behold!Danny Trejo, Fred Williamson and Tom Savini! An unadulterated joy to watch again and again!

63.The convent ( 2000 ) .

I first saw this movie many years ago, and me and my friends were quoting lines from it for years to come!! A joy to witness, this high energy demonic splatter fest has everything the horror buff could wish for, including Adrienne Barbeau!!! A group of friends break into an old abandoned convent, and end up becoming possessed by demons!! Oh yeah!!!

62.May ( 2002 ) .

Lucky Mckee is one amazing director. This tale of May, who just wants to be loved is phenomenal. No matter how hard May tries to connect with people around her, she just won't be accepted. Seriously, if you haven't watched this you are missing one hell of a horror movie (and remember, it's a Lucky Mckee film, so dont go in expecting typical horror).

61.The ugly ( 1997 ) .

An Australian horror film, the ugly contains enough nightmarish imagery to make even the most hardened horror fan lose a few hours sleep. A female psychologist attempts to understand an inmate who has been locked away in a mental hospital for the past five years after he confesses to murders he has comitted. Truly chilling!!

60.Tales from the crypt ( 1972 ) .

The first horror anthology to feature in the list, this is classic horror in every sense of the word! Five stories are featured, but my favorite has to be "And all through the hous ", all about a killer Santa!! Did I mention Peter Cushion features in the third segment?? GO SEEK IT OUT!!!

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