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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My top 100 horror movies part V .

Lets get back to this.

49.I spit on your grave ( 1978 ) .

I have never understood why this movie is frowned upon so much. It tells the tale of a writer who is repeatedly raped and humiliated by a group of men who she then takes revenge on in a variety of gruesome ways. The rape scenes are handled well, the camera never lingering too long in one place, more intent on showing the men indulging in the disgusting act than in showing the woman's terror. The revenge scenes are well handled too, and by no means are they as gory as the remake but they certainly manage to hit home harder.

48.REC ( 2007 ) .

It had been a long while since a horror movie had managed to do what REC did to me. It actually managed to send shivers down my spine and seeing the Madeiros girl at the end definitely stuck in my mind. It seems audiences in the UK didn't grasp onto the possession aspect (maybe because when you see the articles explaining the possession, they are all in Spanish) and saw it as more of a zombie movie, something which the American remake, Quarantine, certainly is. This film is truly frightening, gory and full of scares. I love it!!!

47.The church ( 1989 ) .

I saw this many years ago at a sleepover at a friends house, and the images in this movie have stuck in my mind since. A group of Teutonic Knights butcher a whole village of supposed witches and build a church over their dead bodies. Many years later, a group of tourists are visiting the church and as they break the crypts seal, evil is unleashed. Lots of dream like imagery, a nice bit of gore and an amazing effect of the devil having sex with a woman before falling to hell are involved in this movie. Michele Soavi does it again in this amazing piece of Italian cinema.

46.Martyrs ( 2008 ) .

I hated this movie on first viewing. But after viewing it again, it clicked with me and it got to me in a way only a few  other movies have. I'm not going to give anything away about the movie other than to say its brutal, intelligent and the ending will sit with you for days. It tells the story of two girls, one of whom went through bouts of horrendous abuse as a child, and what happens when she comes across the people who abused her. But beware, as that is only the beginning of this very dark movie.

45.Stagefright ( 1987 ) .

The last of Michele Soavi's movies to make the list, and my opinion his greatest work. The cinematography is amazing, the soundtrack perfect, the setting incredibly well realised and the murder scenes shocking and gory. A psychopath in an owl mask takes out the cast of a musical about a murderer known as "The night owl" . Simply breathtaking!!

43.Wolf creek ( 2005 ) .

Another extreme horror movie, and one that was a lot more brutal than I was expecting. Three people break down and are helped by a mysterious man, who turns out to be something he isn't. Surprisingly brutal, albeit rather slowly paced at first, the movie turns into an amazing fight for survival against one of cinemas most sickening madmen.

42.Saw ( 2004 ) .

I don't care what anyone thinks, I happen to enjoy all of the Saw movies. I also happen to despise the "torture porn" tag these movies are given. I assume for something to be pornographic, it would have to feature a lot of the "ole in 'n out", but these movies don't seem to, which in my opinion is no bad thing. Two men are chained together in a room with a corpse in the middle and tape recorders with instructions/clues on why they are there. The twist was rather silly, but I really think it worked. The whole film worked. The chaotic editing, the traps, all amazing.


41.The house by the cemetery ( 1981 ) .

Fulci takes on the haunted house sub genre of horror in this creepy and violent tale about a couple and their son who movie into the house of the title, only to find it haunted by something completely unexpected. The thing that gets me about this movie is it's atmosphere. It really is haunting. Not as violent as other Fulci movies, but definitely one of his more coherent. Go seek it out!

40.Witchfinder general ( 1968 ) .

Vincent Price stars as Matthew Hopkins, Witchfinder. For it's time, this movie contains insane amounts of violence and torture. The movie also shows corruption and the lengths people will go to to protect loved ones. Definitely a great movie and in my opinion, Vincent Price's greatest performance ever!

39.Basket case ( 1982 ) .

Frank Henenlotter brings us this grindhouse gem. Duane Bradley carries a basket around with him that contains his Siamese twin Belial. They were separated at an early age against their will, and they take revenge on the people who separated them. The film also deals with Belial's resentment at being separated from his more normal (at least in the looks department) brother. Amazing, funny, gory and it contains stop motion animation!! I still can't get enough of this movie!!

38.The return of the living dead ( 1985 ) .

Yes , I know it's a horror comedy, but it is amazing! A couple of workers accidentally release a gas which brings the dead back to life and all hell breaks loose. The cemetery scene alone is absolutely brilliant, as is the attack of the "Tar man" zombie!!

37.Demons ( 1985 ) .

People are given tickets to a mysterious movie showing at a local theater. As they watch the events on screen, they seem to mirror things that are happening in real life, and it isn't long before the Demons of the title make an appearance and begin tearing the flesh of the people in the cinema. A high energy monster movie with lashings of gore and a very over the top ending.

36.The funhouse ( 1981 ) .

Tobe Hooper brings us this slasher movie set in a fun house (or Ghost train to my British readers). Teenagers decide to stay in the fun house after it closes, and are then stalked by a killer in a Frankenstein's monster mask! Some nice kills and an awesome ending make this one to seek out.

35.La horde ( 2009 ) .

Another French movie, this time showing their take on the Zombie sub genre. This is an action packed movie filled with brutal violence. A group of police men raid drug dealers that have previously killed one of the police men's colleagues, but the raid goes wrong and then to top things off, a zombie apocalypse breaks out and the two parties realize that they are going to have to work together to survive.

Darkest regards......Dani.


  1. Wow... I like the "La Horde" inclusion. Your list has so much good stuff on it.

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words!! I just hope my top 10 lives up to what has gone before!!

  3. Some great films on this list. My pick of this bunch would have to be House by the Cemetery. You're right that it's not the goriest but I would put it as Fulci's scariest film. Dr Freudstein creeps me out. Looking forward to the next list.

  4. I have Stagefright on VHS and still haven't watched it. I have to do that soon.

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