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Sunday, 13 July 2014

William Hopkins' Demon Resurrection.


Demon Resurrection is a beautiful homage to horror both from the seventies and eighties, filled with nudity, blood, gore, voodoo and zombies, for something with a very small budget, something very good has come out of it. 

Grace has escaped the clutches of a Demonic cult, but not before being impregnated by an unholy entity. Now the cult leader Toth wants her back, and will stop at nothing to get his way...even if it means raising the dead.

I was incredibly surprised with this movie, as the first forty-five minutes or so start off incredibly slowly, allowing you to meet the characters, and developing them. The next forty-five minutes are a barrage of zombies, boobs, voodoo and blood that is enough to whet any horror movie fans appetite for a long time after the film has finished. It may read like it is a film of two parts, but by the ending, you will be welcoming the time it allowed you to breathe before all hell breaks loose.

While all of this exposition at the start may seem unnecessary, it really does pay off, and makes the film a whole lot more enjoyable, and it certainly does well at grabbing your attention and holding it, that's for sure.

The CGI in the movie (consisting of a green mist that surrounds the zombies, and magical puffs of smoke) is not so well done, yet it doesn't take anything away from the film. The gore is incredible and it is all practical, which is always a plus. The zombies bring to mind the Templars from The Blind Dead series of films, giving off an incredibly creepy vibe anytime they appear.

Demon Resurrection uses colour to great advantage, washing the screen with greens and reds. It really helps with the seventies vibe the film pulls off so well, making the goings on almost surreal and dream-like. It never really gets boring, even with the first half of the film filled with very little horror. Because the film is so ambitious, it works wonders that other indie films simply can't compete with. I never failed to be amazed just what this movie had to offer it's viewers.

Being a horror fan for such a long time, I tend to think I have seen it all, and nothing can take me by surprise anymore, but movies such as Demon Resurrection prove me wrong and make me sit up and take note. This is indie horror at it's finest. Who needs a big budget when a film is this good? This really does put ninety-nine percent of Hollywood horror releases to shame with it's involving story, exploitation elements and downright creepy atmosphere. This really does deserve to be seen.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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