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Monday, 28 July 2014

Moviepilot Horror Vs Rob Zombie.

What the hell has happened to Moviepilot? I wrote a number of articles for them last year sometime, and generally received great feedback. Lately, I have been noticing more and more articles that have very little basis in fact. The majority of them are speculative to say the least, while some are total bullshit.

There has been an article posted on Moviepilot, where the administrator of Moviepilot Horror, Amy Martin, wrote an article claiming that Rob Zombie had been shooting his mouth off saying how his version of Halloween was so much better than John Carpenter's original. It seems the article has been removed, which goes to show just how wrong it was. Below, you can see Rob Zombie's reply to this poorly written article full of lies and statements taken completely out of context.

"Who ever wrote this (Amy Martin) is a trouble making cunt. I love John Carpenter's Halloween and John knows that. Why? Because I told him. In fact he was the first person I called and told about my film. He said he was cool with it. I actually said to him "if this is a problem, I won't do it". Simple as that.

I have never compared the two films and never will. Taking a bunch of things I said years before I even made the film to try and start trouble is typical internet nonsense. I never pointed out flaws in the original. I pointed out things that weren't in the original that I could put in mine. Not because I thought my way was better, but because I thought it would be different. Since I figured trying to make the exact same film was sort of silly.

Here is cute quote from this bullshit article "I don't want to jump to conclusions, but I would say that Zombie is totally lying when he says that he likes and respects the original Halloween, but is just saying that for fear of losing fans if he said otherwise."

Here's a direct quote for you Amy Martin... "FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKING PEICE OF USELESS SHIT!" Don't misquote that.

BTW your article reads like it was written by a fourth grader".

I think that says it all. The fact she has the audacity to even hint that Zombie has no respect for Carpenter's Halloween shows that this lady is out for Zombie's blood, and is obviously not a fan of his work at all. I followed Zombie's remake of Halloween very closely, and remember reading that he actually went to John Carpenter and asked his permission to do certain things with the film, and John Carpenter's reply was "Make it your own". Anyone who has seen Zombie's remake can see the passion for the original material, whilst also building on the bricks Carpenter laid in '78.

Any writer will agree that it is always best to be unbiased. Just because you hate something (and I really don't see the point in hating anything that is out of your control) then don't watch/read/listen to/look at it. Why anyone would waste time to write an article full of lies is beyond me (I didn't realize the Daily Mail and Moviepilot were so closely linked).

It is a shame it had to come to Rob Zombie commenting on the article for everyone to see that none of the things stated in the article are true. Hopefully this makes other writers sit up and take note. Lies, trying to stir the shit pot and sensationalizing things will not get you anywhere, because there is always someone out there who will put you right.

I extend my middle finger to Moviepilot, and I hope they know that I personally will not be writing for them again for the simple fact that this article contained so much rubbish and not an ounce of truth, and every other article I see is either speculation or stolen from another news site. If they ever start promoting original content again by people who can actually type coherent sentences and try and give up trying to make the rumour mill move faster, then I might consider reading what they post. Until then, I will avoid everything they put out. If that offends anyone, then so be it, but I will not be a part of something that gives voices to ill-informed people with a basic grasp of writing pouring out their silly and immature vendettas in the form of thinly veiled articles/attacks on filmmakers. #

Darkest regards......Dani.


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  1. You know, I read that and thought it sounded VERY un-Zombie-like. Wasnt even how he talks. Good to know it was a fake. Reminds me of that crazy ass King Diamond fake interview from a few years back.