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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Stalking Miss Barlow (2014).

Stalking Miss Barlow is the newest film directed by Derek Huey, and yet again is another incredibly well made, funny and rather disturbing look at how an actress, Keefer Barlow, copes with increasingly more disturbing fans and a killer picking off crew members of the latest film she is working on, who may very well have an obsession with the alluring Keefer.

Keefer (in the film) is a jaded actress, not enjoying her time working in Indie films, and comes across as someone who has a problem with people approaching her for autographs, pictures etc (come to think of it, if I had the sort of people that approach Keefer in this movie approach me, I would probably put my guard up too). The film also throws a little off the wall humour in there, just to keep the viewers on their toes. Some of the crew seem to continually be taking cigarette breaks, while others are obsessed with the blood and boobs on set. The little bits of character shown of these people make the film feel more rounded

What this film does in its relatively short running time is something even Hollywood can't conjure up, and that is keeping the viewers interest while giving very little away. It doesn't feel the need to throw buckets of blood at the viewer, or show countless nude women. This movie tells a story, and does just that with such talent from everyone involved, that again it is impossible not to like this movie. Derek Huey, and all involved are certainly on a winning streak, and everyone shows such love and talent for the subject matter.

Stalking Miss Barlow manages to make you feel a myriad of emotions for Keefer, from a general dislike at the start, to warming to her as the movie goes on. By the end, you can really feel how much she just wants to be accepted, not only as a serious actress, but by her boyfriend too. It also makes you realise just how creepy fans can be, even though this is a fictional account, it wouldn't surprise me if this sort of thing really happened. Keefer totally steals the movie though, her attitude speaking volumes, and the emotions she goes through are so visable, you can practically feel them grabbing you by the shoulders and screaming "Look at what they are doing to me"!

The pacing is perfect, the dialogue snappy and the killer brings to mind an unknown murderer from a Giallo movie, because they are decked in black clothing, gloves (a staple of Gialli) and a motorcycle helmet (which bought 'Strip Nude for your Killer' to mind). Everything about this movie screams fantastic.

I know I have said this before, but so far, Derek Huey has done no wrong with anything he has made so far. I am sure his star will continue to rise, as will Keefer Barlow's, as her ability to project emotion is second to none. Keep an eye out for this incredible piece of cinema, and support indie film whenever you can!

Darkest regards......Dani.


  1. Nice review, but watch your apostrophes. The neuter possessive doesn't have one.

    1. Thank you for the kind compliment. And thank you for pointing out my mistake!