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Thursday, 13 March 2014

HazMat available on VOD on March 11 and DVD on April 1st.

The television crew of the Scary Antics hidden camera show sets up innocent chumps for scary practical jokes on national television. For a special behind-the-scenes episode, a group of friends wants to set up Jacob, a disturbed young man who is having problems adjusting after his father's death at a chemical factory. Jacob is convinced that the factory is haunted , and now Scary Antics is going to prove him right.

Friends and crew are having a good laugh at Jacob's expense when something goes horribly wrong. The tables are turned and now they're the ones that are running for their lives. Trapped inside the boarded-up building with an axe-wielding maniac, this is definitely no laughing matter.

Hazmat won Best Horror film at the Berlin Independent Film Festival and the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival. It has also been a selection of Screamfest, Bram Stoker International Film Festival, and The Indie Horror Film Festival.

The film is now available for digital download or rent on iTunes, Vudu and Google Play. In addition, it is available through Xfinity On Demand, X-Box and Playstation.



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Darkest regards......Dani.

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