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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Dolls (1987) 101 Films UK Blu-Ray release.

Out of all the "dolls coming alive and killing people" films that I have seen throughout my life so far, nothing has fulfilled what I have been looking for in these types of movies so much as Stuart gordon's Dolls did. Stylistically perfect in every way (this  may have something to do with the majority of the cast being Italian), with an undiluted fairytale atmosphere and truly jaw dropping special FX, Dolls finally has a release here in the UK on Blu-Ray, and I for one am impressed with 101 Films for finally bringing this film to our shores.

A terrible storm forces a family to seek shelter at the house of a seemingly kind old couple. Soon after, a driver and two punk girl hitchhikers he picked up arrive at the house too. They soon find out that the doll maker and his wife, and their extensive collection of dolls, are not what they at first appear to be.

I guess it is clear already that I am a huge fan of this movie, from seeing it every time I entered our local video rental store, it has always stuck with me. It's fantasy element, and somewhat ethereal moments definitely helped it adhere to my childhood taste in films, and amazingly, to this day it still has the same effect on me.

The dolls are incredibly evil, both in look and in personality (yes, they have personalities, and they certainly shine through again and again), and the explanation for them being the way they are is very satisfying. While the story does become rather convoluted, and the ending is a little silly, it really doesn't stop Dolls from being yet another jewell in Stuart Gordon's crown. The man really can turn his hand to directing anything. From Lovecraft, to stories of murderous dolls, to Honey, I shrunk the Kids! (which Stuart Gordon co-wrote with Brian Yuzna) the man certainly has so much talent.

The extras on 101 Films Blu-Ray release of Dolls are a little non-existent. All you get is a feature length commentary from director Stuart Gordon and writer Ed Naha (who also wrote John Carl Beuchler's fantasy horror film Troll). The commentary is interesting and informative, and it is great to hear both director and writer talking about their experiences while making the film. The picture is crisp and clean, and looks fantastic, showing off the beautiful cinematography and creepy locations to great effect. This Blu-Ray release really makes everything so much better!

Dolls still stands as arguably the greatest 'killer doll' movie out there. I for one will always class it as such, as I cannot express how much I love this movie.

You can purchase the 101 Films Blu-Ray of Dolls from Amazon UK by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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  1. i just picked this up on blu-ray from shop most. great little title from the 80's and a fave horror of mine. great movie.