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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Antfarm Dickhole (2011).

As you can probably tell, Antfarm Dickhole, right down to it's title, was made to provoke a reaction. Whether that be laughter or revulsion, it certainly manages to do just that, and that is what is so special about Antfarm Dickhole. It is a series of conversations, bad special FX, sloppy writing and Bill Zubub espousing his philosophies in a manner you might find hard to take seriously.

Please, don't think I am belittling this movie. I loved it. Bill Zebub is a true purveyor of underground cinema, and he doesn't dilute his vision or his words for anyone, and again, this is another thing that makes Antfarm Dickhole so special.

Ant-drew and Ant-thony are really good friends, who unfortunately find themselves being bullies when they are trying to enjoy the forest. Both are knocked unconscious in the forest, and ants crawl into Ant-drew's dickhole. Ant-thony is spared because, well, he is uncircumcised and the ants managed to mistake his penis for an Ant-Eater, and left it alone.

What follows is Ant-drew's confidence increasing as he finds that the ants are protecting him as if Ant-drew was their home. This sets up some hilarious scenes, and some incredibly bizarre conversations. A scene involving a spider had me shouting out "What the fuck" many many times, while another featuring Ant-drew masturbating into the tail-pipe of a car had me rolling around with laughter. And then there was the banana scene! I'm not going to ruin it for anyone, but it has to be seen to be believed! Also, there are many ant puns littered throughout the dialogue, and while some may find these tiresome, I found them funny, along with each character having ant-related names.

I found Antfarm Dickhole to be something very different. It is honest, crazy and whilst it was shot on an incredibly low budget, the heart of this production beats strong, as Bill Zebub waxes lyrical over many topics throughout the film, whilst also plying many exploitation tropes to the movie. It is also incredibly obvious that all of the cast had so much fun making the movie, which again goes some way to making the film so much easier to sit through.

Fans of offensive/bad taste cinema will find so much to love in this movie, as will fans of absurd creature features and lovers of incredibly bad horror comedies. Go get Antfarm Dickhole and prepare to lose that your virginity, your temper or your mind. Either way, Antfarm Dickhole is an incredible achievement and one that, if you should be willing to take a chance on, you might very well fall in love with.

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Darkest regards......Dani.

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