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Monday, 10 February 2014

Black Water Vampire (2014).

Coming from new label Image Entertainment on March 24th in the UK, Black Water Vampire is a found footage movie with many similarities to The Blair Witch Project, which is no bad thing considering it was an effective piece of horror cinema (in my opinion at least).

Black Water Vampire isn't your typical vampire movie. Nor does this vampire sparkle, which will certainly be a plus for many horror fans out there who are bored with the glut of romantic good looking undead.

Following a series of bizarre murders that take place every ten years, a group of documentarians visit the small town and the adjoined woods to see if they can uncover the truth behind the strange killings.

The camera work here is much less disorientating than other found footage movies, and that therefore makes the movie much more tolerable. While as mentioned, the movie does follow the plot of a previous found footage movie (complete with tent attacks, a determined female lead and even interviews with creepy townsfolk) the movie does feel overly familiar, but by the end of it's running time, it is an enjoyable piece of cinema.

The similarities between this movie and The Blair Witch Project are apparent from the get-go, but this certainly doesn't work against the movie, as when the monster comes into play, the tension is cranked so high that you will find yourself jumping at its every appearance. Every character comes off as incredibly realistic in the film, and the dialogue never feels forced. It actually feels incredibly natural, which again, is something different for a found footage film.

Where Black Water Vampire comes into its own is with its magnificent, bestial and ferocious creature. The payoff certainly hits home, and where The Blair Witch Project left many horror fans wanting with it's total lack of anything monstrous, Black Water Vampire gives you everything you want with its title character. So if you are looking for a fun monster movie with natural dialogue and believable characters, then you could do a lot worse than Black Water vampire.

Found footage may very well be an over-saturated sub-genre at the moment, but films like Black Water Vampire are enjoyable, and use the found footage gimmick as a great way to build tension. Go check it out if you are a fan of hulking demonic creatures and movies that build tension to boiling point. Black Water Vampire may very well surprise you with just how good it is.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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