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Monday, 10 February 2014

Bloody Homecoming (2014).

Coming to the UK from Image Entertainment on March 10 2014, Bloody Homecoming is a retro-slasher that is a lot of fun for fans of the sub-genre, but it doesn't offer anything new, so may very well put off horror fans who feel once you have seen one slasher, you have seen them all.

A group of freshman attend the homecoming dance, and members of the group inadvertently cause the death of a fellow student by trapping a fellow student in a storeroom that is set alight. Three years later, and a dance is being held again, but there is someone stalking the halls who hasn't been invited, and he intends to make this dance a Bloody homecoming.

While the film doesn't feature an ounce of originality, I have to say I enjoyed it. I am an avid slasher fan, and I don't care how many similarities there are in plots between any number of films, if it is fun, then I will find it hard to pick fault with anything the movie does. As a whodunnit slasher movie, Bloody homecoming gets a lot of things right. Red herrings are tossed at you, and before the killer is revealed at the end, it will still have you guessing as to who is committing the murders.

All of the actors involved are decent enough, and none of them are laughable, which for a direct to dvd film is always something of a plus. The blood and deaths are also worthy of a mention. While there is nothing really creative, again, for a low budget direct to dvd movie, Bloody Homecoming has gallons of the red stuff! Along with the blood, the main chase at the end of the movie (lasting nearly twenty minutes) is pure slasher candy that will have any fan of the sub-genre eating out of its hand!

While it does re-tread many of the old slasher cliches, and doesn't really play fair with who the killer is (it may very well leave you scratching you head), Bloody Homecoming is a fun and bloody slasher movie that, while lumping cliche after cliche upon the viewer, still manages to be a fun and bloody ride.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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