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Monday, 27 January 2014

Sick Bunny Pictures 3 short movie reviews and 2 short previews.

Viewing Sick Bunny Pictures work is always a lot of fun. Inventive, fresh ideas seem to be at the forefront of their work, and as we all know, it is always pleasant to view things which veer off the beaten path. What follows is a review of Sick bunny Pictures first three short horror films. One has been covered here already (15-5-08) but I am more than happy to cover it once more, as more people need to see and be made aware of these awesome short films. Don't forget to support independent horror as much as you can, because the underground is where the talent lies!


15-5-08 is an incredibly tense little film, with shocks and surprises throughout. It brilliantly blends together the found footage and slasher sub-genres to create a compelling and genuinely creepy piece of cinema. The fact that the short runs for around sixteen minutes, and manages to generate as much tension as it does is testament to the film makers and cast involved. Again, I refuse to give any spoilers, as 15-5-08 is a film that needs to be experienced without knowing too much about it. What I can guarantee is that it will have every hair on the back of your neck standing to attention, and the ending will hit you like a ton of bricks to the face.

You can watch 15-5-08 by clicking HERE.

My Neighbour Dave.

My Neighbour Dave acts as an introduction to the character Dave, a man with a seemingly normal life. Any notion of this is flushed down the pan when we discover Dave has a secret. No matter how normal he looks, we first see glimpses of the monster behind the man when he sits down with a beer to watch a horror movie. His girlfriend calls, and you can tell from the moment Dave answers the phone how uninterested he is in speaking to his girlfriend. We then witness something else while Dave is watching his horror movie. He has a guest. A prisoner is kept in his cellar, bound in a dog cage. This is a powerful introduction to the character, and also questions the reason people watch horror movies. The film is incredibly uncomfortable to watch, and what starts off as a rather normal character introduction, becomes something much darker.

You can watch My Neighbour Dave by clicking HERE.

Tools of the Trade.

Tools of the Trade acts as another character introduction. A black gloved killer with an almost fetishistic love of sharp implements caresses his Tools of the Trade by candlelight, setting an incredibly sinister and creepy mood. The music is well done, accentuating the already tense atmosphere. If you remember the start of the original A Nightmare on Elm Street, where Freddy is making his glove, this short acts in the same way, only upping the tension and maliciousness of the character Sick Bunny Pictures are introducing to us. It will be interesting to see what happens next with this killer, as he is very giallo-esque, and that definitely has my interest piqued.

You can watch Tools of the Trade by clicking HERE.

There are also two upcoming shorts from Sick Bunny Pictures.

Campside Slasher II "The Video Game".

This is a short about two friends that have a night in playing a crappy 90's video game about slasher films. Again, this is an introduction piece, this time to a character called Wesley Wood, who wears a sack over his head. This short promises to have a lot more dialogue, story and blood.

The Last Days of May.

This is a sequel to 15-5-08 and features the same masked killers, though unlike 15-5-08, this film is made from the killers point of view as they videotape their victims. Also, unlike 15-5-08 this short is more bout gore and disturbing aspects taking the story into a more 'torture porn' direction, and explaining more about the 'May Murderers' and their story.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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