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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Grudges, socialising and the horror community.

First of all, let me begin by wishing all my readers a happy new year. I hate to begin the year with what could be seen as a negative blogpost, but I do wish to address certain issues that are becoming commonplace amongst certain members of the horror community.

Now, I kept hearing about a podcast called 'The Wolfpack', and decided to check it out. I honestly wish I hadn't. For forty five minutes, a man who has an imaginary celebrity status moans and whines about women, the Soska sisters and Women in Horror month. Who should appear on this display of sexism, but Dr. Blood, who gave his services as a guest. Throughout the forty five minute show, they belittle women in horror in every way possible, and it sickened me.

What sickened me even more, was the host of this show. A writer who thinks that he is worshipped by Friday the 13th fans (I have been a Friday fan for many years, and have never heard of this guy beyond these podcasts) and considers himself a big shot in the horror community. His name is William Pattison/Eric Morse.

Let me throw something in here for starters. I agree that everyone should be able to hold their own opinions, and that no one should be criticised for anything they say when expressing their thoughts. But when these thoughts exist on pure fantasy, something needs to be said. The amount of hate that seeps from every podcast is shocking to say the least. The don't seem to have anything good to say about any female member of the horror community. It's like listening in to a conversation from the fifties. The basis for their arguments against women are even more pathetic than the whining that goes on throughout the podcast.

A few more podcasts, with pretty much the same things being said over and over again have been posted, but unless you want to be bored and/or offended by what seems to be a couple of men who have never had any luck with the opposite sex throw out their anger with the simplest of insults, reasons and excuses on why women shouldn't be in the horror industry you have ever heard, feel free to click here to check these podcasts out.

I decided to confront William Pattison about what he was saying about the Soska sisters, after I managed to get an interview with them and found them to be polite, honest and incredibly passionate about the genre they work in. After making a comment on his post, he blocks me. That's right. He blocks me right away, after telling me the situation with the Soska's is a zero tolerance subject for him. What I guess this means, is that William Pattison can spout as many lies about the Soska's as he wants. But as soon as someone disagrees with his views, or can disprove comments he has already made, he isn't willing to even acknowledge these things.

This minority group also seem to attack something they call the 'horror socials'. Now please, feel free to correct me if I am wrong, but isn't socialising with people with the same interests one of the great things about being a part of the horror community? I enjoy talking to people across the globe about films I have seen and films I haven't even heard of. It's a great way to discover new movies, new directors and new friends. it just seems like William Pattison is an elitist who thinks he is owed something by the horror community because he wrote a few Friday the 13th books that didn't even involve Jason, and were aimed at teens (that's right. Teen fiction). He seems to think he has been dealt a massive disservice, and underneath all this boiling hatred for women and the horror socials is someone looking for acceptance.

What William Pattison needs to realise is that by being so sexist and hateful, he is never going to gain the acceptance of anyone. No one wants to deal with drama every single day. No one wants to listen to a person spout hatred and lies. The horror community, while being fractured and full of opinionated people such as myself, is a community, and does try to remain friendly and welcoming of everyone. But if you are going to constantly spout hate, and not get over something that happened three years ago, then I am pretty sure there are more people laughing at you than there are supporting you.

That isn't to say everyone in the horror community is going to agree with this post. I might very well be the only person who feels like this about these two people. But I felt I needed to share my views on this situation that seems to be growing out of all control.

Let 2014 be a year that brings the horror community even closer together no matter what genitalia you have, or what your taste in horror is. We all love this genre, and none of us should be moaning about the things we hate. We should all be promoting the things we love.

Darkest regards......Dani.


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  2. Dani, I deleted my last comment cause it kinda made me look like a poop monster, and no one wants to be a poop monster.