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Monday, 29 April 2013

Hacksaw: Documentary of a Psycho Killer (2012).

Before viewing this movie I was under the impression that no horror film would be able to effect me the way August Underground's Mordum did. How naive of me. Hacksaw: Documentary of a Psycho Killer is one hell of a wild ride, full of intensely emotional moments of insanity and gruesome blood drenched sequences.

The movie tells the story of Dillon Mason, who has become fed up of being abandoned by everyone because he suffers from a horrific skin disease that seems to scare everyone away. Dillon embraces this abandonment the only way he can, and that is to kill, torture and consume his victims in some of the most disturbing scenes committed to film. 

The metamorphosis Dillon Mason goes through the film is portrayed in an incredibly realistic manner, and even though Dillon Mason is obviously incredibly disturbed, the viewer just cannot help but feel sorry for this guy. Even when he takes a hacksaw to someone, there is still a great amount of emotion involved, and it tugs at the heartstrings (as well as the gag reflex) for the entire duration of the movie.

Some parts border on the surreal, which gives the movie an incredibly uneasy feeling. The masks used in the movie are visually stunning and creepy, but also simple. It is amazing how Toby Johansen has managed to create such an aura of madness with such a small budget, and again goes to show that a small budget does not necessarily mean a bad film.

The movie is shot on video camera, and has an incredibly raw feeling, right down to the final gruesome frame. Toby Johansen certainly has an eye for the disturbing and the macabre, and his is a name anyone with even a passing interest in horror should be keeping an eye on. This movie is disturbing, insane and gory, with awesomely raw photography and an incredibly written and realistic story that keeps the viewer transfixed.

Toby Joahnsen is currently putting the finishing touches to his next short, Backyard Vampire, and he is also drawing a graphic novel named Fake Horse. You can find more information about both of these, and about Hacksaw: Documentary of a Psycho Killer by clicking the link to the Gory Pumpkin website below.

To visit the Gory Pumpkin website and pick up a copy of Hacksaw: Documentary of a Psycho Killer, click HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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