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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Dead of Knight (2009).

Poor Marla. Her boyfriend is pressuring her into sleeping with him, and she is still deeply affected by the death of her mother. As if that isn't enough, an ancient evil has been released, and it wears a knight costume! The killer begins murdering anyone who gets in his way, only for Marla to realize the killer is making his way to her.

This is the perfect Friday night movie. There is more than enough emotion, fun and murder to keep the viewer interested. The characterization in the movie is definitely the one thing that stands out, as you really do care for the characters involved in the story, and whether they live or die. The sound quality is amazing, something which a lot of indie movies seem to always get wrong. Every word and sound can be heard with crystal clarity! The production values are also worth a mention. The sets always look good, as do the costumes, and for a micro budget slasher film, I was suitably impressed.

Admittedly, the kills weren't that impressive, but as mentioned before, you actually care for the characters, so you care that they die, not how they die. There is a scene where a guy gets both of his arms cut off, and that had me smiling, but the other kills were basic at best, and a couple of them were even off camera. But when the film was over, it really didn't matter. It was a little disheartening that I didn't see enough gore, but again, this movie was all about Marla's battle, and what she was going through. Not an excuse to show off mutilated bodies and hacked off limbs.

Dead of Knight does manage to weave an emotional story into a slasher movie, and also throws in a supernatural element, which works really well. I cannot wait to see what director Joe Grisaffi brings us in the future, as he has laid the ground works for himself as an incredible storyteller.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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