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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Bludgeon (2013).

Horror films are even better when they manage to create an atmosphere around the viewer, be it with suspense, jump scares or other techniques. Bludgeon manages to create an atmosphere with suspense and darkness. And it really works in it's favor.

A spate of murders have plagued a small town in Ohio for over a decade. In 1992 the murders stop. After a number of state wide searches, police officials gathered little evidence, and got nowhere near to being able to solve the murders. Twenty years later, and the murders begin again.

The first thing I can tell you, is that the poster for Bludgeon is rather misleading, as I was expecting a slasher movie, but a slasher movie Bludgeon is not. For one, the movie actually takes time in developing it's characters. The beginning of the movie starts out as any other slasher picture, with a bunch of female characters meeting their end by being 'bludgeoned' with a pair of bolt cutters. After this fun and dark opening, the movie makes a shift, and makes the viewer much more emotionally involved with the story. No mean feat if you ask me.

I'm sure this switch in story and film style will put alot of viewers who are expecting to see another slasher movie off, but the sheer amount of emotion that is put into this movie won me over with it's increasingly dark and bleak atmosphere.

The movie also manages to make the viewer sympathize with the killer. Not something which many movies can brag about, and something which made me think about the movie long after the credits rolled. The dark atmosphere that permeates the whole movie really does draw you in, from the high energy opening, to the slow build of the story throughout the rest of the movie.

Admittedly, the gore in this movie is rather light, but really, when the story is this good, and manages to keep the viewer enthralled throughout, then it is quite obvious that massive amounts of gore were not needed.

This is another great movie to come from the underground, and deserves to be seen by all who write off horror as just a load of blood and guts flying across the screen. Bludgeon is intelligent, well thought out, and incredibly emotionally involving, and for that, I recommend you all try and see this movie as soon as you can.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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