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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Night of the demons ( 1988 ) .

A fun, incredibly cheesy late 80's movie. Night of the Demons is campy, gory and incredibly fun and contains the greatest scene to feature a topless woman and a lipstick in all of horror cinema.

The tagline for the film was more than enough to sell it to me.

Angela is having a party. Freddy and Jason are too scared to come...... but you'll have a hell of a time.

The film begins with a grumpy old man putting razorblades in apples. Then comes an amazing animated intro. It's like entering your favorite ghost train/fun house, with the camera closing in on Hull house, while synth music plays and ghosts fly from the house. You just can't beat this film for the typically 80's feel.

We are then introduced to a group of friends who are on their way to a party in Hull house. When all the friends meet, they decide to have a seance (something which is never a good idea in a horror movie).

After the seance the kids find themselves trapped and one by one they are taken over by demons, and all hell breaks loose.

Photo de Demon House

As I've said before, this film is a lot of fun, the shots of Angela floating while pursuing her victims are amazing and so well done, and the ending contains some amazing special FX.

My only gripe with Night of the demons is it's rather slow to get going. But it does succeed in creating suspense even if it does dissipate somewhat towards the middle of the film, as it seems to wander ever so slightly.

Even so, I still recommend this movie wholeheartedly and even though in my opinion, the sequel is a million times better in every respect, Night of the Demons is a fun horror romp and is definitely worth a watch on Halloween night, or any other night that takes your fancy.

You can purchase Night of the Demons from Amazon by clicking here.

Darkest regards.......Dani.

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  1. YES! I have a review coming up I'm going to do on this!

    Night Of The Demons is one of my favorite horror movies and in my top 3 80's horror films. This movie is pure fun and everything we love about 80's films rolled into a ball. Bad acting, nudity, scares,jumps and laughs.