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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The Halloween movies.

I thought today I would go through the Halloween movies much in the same way I did with the Friday the thirteenth movies, giving you a basic rundown of the plot and my thoughts on each of the movies.

John Carpenter's Halloween (1978).

If you have read my previous posts, you know my thoughts on this movie. If not then let me tell you that in my opinion, the original Halloween is the scariest movie ever made and even to this day, after thousands more horror movies, I have yet to find one as disturbing and downright scary as this. A young boy murders his sister on Halloween night, only to escape from incarceration sixteen years later and return to the town where the original murder took place, bringing with him his psychologist and a trail of death. Watch this movie!!!

Body count:- 5.

Halloween II (1982).

This movie follows on directly from the original, but ditches the suspense and in it's place are some relatively brutal kills. Admittedly its not half as scary as its predecessor, but is still a good ride although the ending never sat well with me. The hospital setting is well realized and the murders more plentiful than the original movie. Again I recommend this movie, just don't go in expecting the same kind of movie as the original.

Body count:- 10.

Halloween III : - The Season of the Witch.

This movie is amazing. Under any other title I'm sure many more people would feel the same, but because it doesn't feature Michael Myers, people wrote the film off. This time, a mask maker creates masks that kill under the banner of The Silver Shamrock Company. The film is dark, creepy and also has a trailer for the original Halloween hidden in there. Again, I recommend this movie wholeheartedly, and it was refreshing that the filmmakers tried something new with the Halloween franchise. Don't let the fact that Michael Myers isn't the killer make you miss out on this great movie.

Body count:- 13.

Halloween IV : - The Return of Michael Myers.

As the title suggests, Michael is back in this movie which does manage to bring the suspense back, as well as some gory kills. This time, Michael is trying to kill his niece played ably by Danielle Harris. The only fault I have to pick with this movie is the mask. It truly looks nothing like it originally did, and lacks any sort of detail. So in my opinion it takes away some of the fear of Michael Myers.

Body count:- 18.

Halloween V : - The Revenge of Michael Myers.

This is where the story begins getting silly, with the introduction of a man in black and Michael having a Thorn rune on his hand. Nevertheless, the kills are still there, as is Danielle Harris, who returns as Michael's Niece. Another point I'm going to pick on is that throughout this film, Michael shows a human side. I feel the director tried to humanize Michael too much and it really didn't fit well into the movie, but I guess this late into the series anything is worth a try.

Body count:- 20.

Halloween VI : - The Curse of Michael Myers.

Oh dear. I have no idea what happened with this mess of a movie. It feels disjointed, and the only thing that saves this movie from being terrible is Donald Pleasence in his final movie performance. Even the ending is a let down. If you are a completest, then by all means give it a go just to say you've seen it. Otherwise, give it a miss.

Body count:- 17.

Halloween H20.

This is an incredible return to form and is helmed by the director of Friday the 13th parts 2 and 3. Laurie Strode returns and this movie is a continuation from Halloween II, completely discounting the three earlier sequels. The murders, the suspense, Michael being scary again (even though the mask differs, sometimes greatly from scene to scene ). This film was definitely a winner in my books.

Body count:- 9.

Halloween Ressurrection.

No. No No No. This movie is beyond bad. Set in the old Myers house, a gameshow is set up where people must spend the night in the house to come out with a cash prize the following day. The only problem is, Michael has come back home. I was so disappointed with this entry. Some scenes have been rehashed from previous movies. It is over reliant on P.O.V footage, and it has a Kung Fu loving Busta Rhymes hamming it up .Again, another one to avoid.

Body count:- 10.

Rob Zombies Halloween.

I know many people are hate this movie, but I myself love it. It adds so much more to the character of Michael Myers and makes the whole story so much more real. This is an incredibly brutal film, and one that I wasn't sure if I was going to like. But after viewing on numerous occasions , Rob Zombie definitely came through with this one. The fist half of the movie deals with Michael's younger years, while the second half is a retelling of the original movie. Truly amazing.

Body count:- 22.

Rob Zombies Halloween II.

Wow. Another direct continuation of the first movie, only this time it is done right! Michael has never been more aggressive and this films brutality surpasses all the movies that came before it. The fact that Michael is unmasked quite a bit throughout the movie makes it all the more chilling, and in my opinion this is the best Halloween sequel ever made.

Body count:- 19.

Darkest regards........Dani.


  1. My favorites of this franchise are 1-4. I barely pay any attention to the rest...especially the Rob Zombie ones. But I understand they have a cult following, so I have only a subjective leg to stand on. Good looks!

  2. Halloween is my favorite horror film of all-time. No doubt.

    Great review!