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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Day of the dead ( 1985 ).

In my opinion, Day of the dead is THE greatest zombie movie ever made. Dawn of the dead pales in comparison. Day (as I shall now refer to the movie) in my opinion is one great big bloodbath of a movie with the most despicable character ever seen in a Zombie movie (Captain Rhodes), and any film that starts off with the image below is definitely going to be awesome.

Day tells the story of a team of scientists and soldiers who are taking refuge in an underground bunker surrounded by a fence to keep the armies of the undead out. As in all Romero Zombie movies, the zombies take second place to the battles between the humans and the will to survive against insurmountable odds.

The carnage in this movie is unbelievable and the FX are top notch. Some of Savini's best work. Just check out the zombie that rises from the operating table, only for it's insides to fall out onto the floor! I still have no idea how it was done, but it is amazing.

The characters in this movie are portrayed really well, especially the evil Captain Rhodes and Bub, a zombie who shows signs of intelligence.

This film really does have everything a zombie movie needs, plus so much more. Unlike Dawn of the dead there is very little light relief in this movie. It just keeps getting more and more oppressive, dragging you into the scenarios and making you feel like the characters have no escape. This is definitely a movie everyone should see before they die. Horror fan or not.

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Darkest regards......Dani.


  1. Hey, Sorry that this is completely off-topic, but I tagged you for a Liebster Blog Award:
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  2. A Liebster award for you!

    Two in a row!

  3. I agree that pound for pound, it's a better movie than Dawn. Dawn's probably still more "important", but that's irrelevant.

    Savini's effects are so good in this, it kind of gives me goosebumps.

    Great review!