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Friday, 8 June 2012

The Unholy (1988).

Here is another one of those films I wasn't allowed to rent when I was younger. I came across it at my local HMV store for an incredibly low price, so parted with the cash and took it home. The synopsis alone sells the film to me, as does the name of the person who created the special FX make up.

The synopsis goes like this. In New Orleans, a city with a dark underside of black magic and Satan worship, two priests have been brutally murdered at St Agnes Church. Now the Unholy reigns, only to be challenged by the purest of souls. Father Michael Cross, believed to be spiritually blessed, is appointed to the ungodly parish. Is he really 'the chosen one', strong enough to fight against such ravishing temptation or such raw evil? Or is he simply the third to die? Some say Father Michael hasn't got a prayer.......

Now if that doesn't do it for you, then what are you doing reading this??? After viewing the film, I couldn't believe I'd missed this one.

A flame haired demon attempts to seduce priests in St Agnes church. Father Michael (Ben Cross) has been selected by the Arch Bishop to go to St Agnes church after he was pushed out of a high story window and he fell to the ground, only to be found completely unhurt. This leads the Arch Bishop to believe that Father Michael is spritually enlightened, or 'The chosen one' .

Father Michael then meets a waitress (Jill Carroll) who works at theatrical satanic bar, under the employment  of Luke (William Russ) who regularly holds staged sacrifices, therefore providing much of the satanic influence.

It is soon obvious that dark forces are at work at St Agnes' church, with an intent to claiming the lives of those it can tempt, especially preist's.

This film is an amazing 80's horror movie. As you have probably guessed , I am a fan of most 80's horror movies, and I instantly became a fan of this one. There are scenes of blood, there is a demon which for most of the movie is a beautiful red haired woman (played by Nicole Fortier) but at the end, she transforms into her true form which is gortesque, ugly and horriffic.

It was here the film lost it just a tiny bit for me. The two imps (two small people in masks and costumes) I found a little silly, and when the demon appears, it moves rather clumsily but still manages to look vile and disgusting. I felt the demon had the same flaws as the alley demon in Hellraiser, as in it didn't move well but apart from that, it was awesome.

I mention Hellraiser, because the FX in this movie were handled by none other than Bob Keen.

All in all , this film is fun, sexy, with a healthy dose of blood. Another scene I should mention, is Father Michael's descent into hell. Amazingly done, and an incredibly memorable scene.

I would recommend this movie to all fans of 80's horror, all fans of the supernatural and even to monster movie fans (just for the ending alone) .

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Film Review: The Unholy (1988) The Unholy 1988 movie 1

I really do hope all my readers take the time to watch this film, and are as entertained as I was.

Darkest regards.................Dani.

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