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Monday, 25 June 2012

Movies featuring Werewolves.

Lycanthrope (n)- a werewolf.
Origin- Early seventeenth century, from modern latin Lycanthropus- wolf man.

There have been many werewolf movies over the years. Some good, some very bad, but nevertheless they always manage to leave an impression. Who can forget Lon Chaney Jr as the original wolf man, or the camp comedy of The Howling 2.

My intention here is to discuss some films many have seen, and also some that a few of you might not have viewed. So without further hesitation, let us begin.

Metal Beast (a.k.a. Project: Metalbeast) [VHS] [1995]
Here we have an incredibly rare werewolf movie from 1995, and starring non other than everyone's favorite onscreen killer , Kane Hodder. After injecting himself with werewolf DNA, a soldier is captured and cryogenically frozen. We then move forward ten years where scientists are given a body to experiment with a self repairing, metal based organic skin. The body turns out to be the frozen soldier, and when he awakens he turns into a werewolf, only this time he's meaner, faster, shinier.

The movie is an amazing example of low budget horror and Kane Hodder, as the metal beast of the title is truly menacing. John Carl Beuchlers FX still stick in my mind. It's a shame it isn't available on DVD/BLU RAY, as it is one of the better low budget werewolf movies.

Silver Bullet [DVD]

One night in a small town called Tarker's Mill, murders begin. The townspeople believe a maniacal killer is on the loose and plan on hunting him down, but marty, a young handicapped boy has other ideas. He believes it isn't a man committing these murders, but a werewolf.

I remember watching this movie when I was little, and it is one of those movies that you might just fall in love with if you give it a chance. The movie is based on Stephen King's little read novella,  Cycle of the werewolf. Its a fun movie, with some brutal kills and FX that are not amazing, but do the movie justice. Another one to check out if you haven't managed to see it.

Werewolf in a Women's Prison [DVD] [Region 1] [US Import] [NTSC]

Here we have an incredibly low budget women in prison/werewolf hybrid and in my opinion, it's all the more fun becasue of it!

This movie tells the story of Sarah, who when camping with her boyfriend is attacked by a werewolf. She awakens in a corrupt prison only to find that her boyfriend has been torn apart, and she is the prime suspect. Forced to do things that can only be done in a prison run by women, it isn't long before Sarah's wounds begin to change her....

This movie is pure exploitation fun!!! It has gore, it has naked women, it even has a little cringe worthy CGI at the end, and a werewolf with red lights for eyes!!! If you like low budget gore, W.I.P movies or even are a fan of Troma (not that they had anything to do with this movie, but it certainly has a Troma feel to it) then I highly recommend this movie!!

I remember the first ever werewolf movie I saw, and it was An American Werewolf in london. It was, and in my mind, still is the greatest werewolf movie I have ever seen and the FX have to be seen to be believed. Some horror fans write it off as being too funny, while comedy fans write it off as being too scary, but in my opinion John Landis struck a perfect balance between comedy and horror, keeping the laughs and the shocks coming thick and fast.

Two American friends go for a hike along the Yorkshire moors, where they are both attacked  and one of them is killed. The other is taken to hospital  where he suffers terrible nightmares. When he is released and it is a full moon, he goes through a terrible, painful change.

Another thing that i liked about An Americn Werewolf in London was the creature itself. It moves about on all fours, being more of a giant wolf than a wolf man, and its ability to bite a mans head off just made me fall in love with this movie all the more.

It took me a good few years before I managed to view The Howling, a twisted take on the werewolf genre, but very typical of Joe Dante. Karen White is a news anchor who is being stalked by a serial killer, and in co-operation with the police, agrees to help capture the killer by meeting him in a sleazy porno theater.

After an encounter with the killer  and suffering from amnesia, Karen and her husband are sent to The colony, where Karen's husband is bitten by a wolf like creature, and then things take an even more sinister turn.

This film also features amazing FX  and in my opinion, the most demonic looking werewolves I have ever seen. Plus an appearance from Dick Miller makes the movie all the more amazing! The Howling isntt as crazy as some of Joe Dante's other movies, but what it lacks in craziness it more than makes up for in dark humor and downright nastiness.

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Thank you again for taking the time to read.

Darkest regards.....Dani.                                                     

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