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Friday, 21 August 2015

William Pattison/Eric Morse: The Final Chapter (and it isn't like the Friday the 13th movies. This really is the last time he will be written about here).

Horror is entertaining, disturbing and repulsive. It should offend, nauseate and create feelings of unease and anger. It is something entirely different when someone who claims to exist in something he likes to call 'The Horror Community' garners the same reactions from fans of the genre.

I would not be writing this post if this person had read my reply to a certain Youtube video and taken it in the manner intended, instead of labelling me a 'Troll, Retard, Drunkard and Drug user'. So in fairness, and given that I was blocked so was unable to address the imbalance of information directly, I will take to my mouth-piece to do so. Obviously the comments section here is moderated by myself, but anyone is free to give their two-cents, be it positive or negative. I am not about to block someone for typing something I don't agree with. Where is the balance? Where is the honesty?

William Pattison/Eric Morse (or Morris, as he pronounces it) gets enough publicity for his inane (that's inane, not insane) rants and grudges, so I am not happy with giving him more space here, but the balance needs to be addressed. This person uploaded a video on his birthday, where he explained how he was going to rid himself of negative karma. Then, for the next seventeen minutes or so, he talked down everything the people who he was 'unblocking on Facebook' have done and are going to do. This didn't make a blind bit of sense to me. (Mind you, neither did the act of 'freeing up negative karma', as karma is circular, and (if you believe in karma) if you have negative karma, it is because you committed negative acts in the past and it has come back around to bite you on the ass. 

So I commented, without insult or insinuation, asking why there was such negativity towards the people in question when the person was alledgedly 'freeing up negative karma'. I also asked for proof of the claims he continuously makes, such as working on Star Trek II and III (arguably the best entries in the entire franchise, and you would imagine if you were seventeen years old and working on such a popular franchise, your name would certainly get around). But this person refuses to prove anything.

Obviously to me, this seems like a pure and simple attempt to continue the lies and make himself seem defiant, when the simple fact is that he cannot prove anything because it isn't true. Now I am sure in journalism, it is required that if you do purport something to be true, you have to provide sources/evidence, the same as you would if you were writing a university science paper. Why is this such a negative thing to this person? He said 'I am not on trial, and you can't put me on trial'. That was not the case. He calls himself a journalist, writer, teacher, filmmaker etc, so the basic traits of journalism should be perfectly visable to him.

This person even attempted to accuse a person laying into him that they had bought me into the fray. This wasn't the case. I don't nor will I ever follow any trend or hop on any bandwagon.

Now, to answer this persons three claims they made about me.

Retarded - If I found things offensive, this might have made my blood boil. As it is, it was a poor attempt at goading me into some kind of heated exchange so I would look like the 'Troll' I was being accused of being. I am not retarded though, but again, using this as a slur to try and pull someone down is quite frankly disgusting, and shows a complete lack of respect for anyone who suffers from any kind of learning difficulty. Yet again, this person shows themselves to be as ignorant as the people he alledges bully him.

Drunkard - I do not drink. I haven't drunk since my twenty-sixth birthday. It isn't something I enjoy, and I don't see the point. Again though, if I did enjoy getting drunk, what does it have to do with anyone else? My life is my own, and I am free to do as I choose without anyone discrediting or attempting to pull me down. If my behaviour is legal and isn't hurting anyone, then what is the issue?

Drug User - I have never, nor will I ever use drugs. I haven't even tried a cigarette. I see no need to 'get high' or experiment with illicit substances. So you fail on every accusation you make, and show yourself to be the kind of person you speak so negatively of on every little bit of media you put out. You hate the people you unblocked so much that you use their picture to advertise your new book? Makes sense.

This person also asks what qualifies us to call him crazy (something which I under no circumstances did). If he doesn't feel the need to show proof as to the claims he makes, what gives him the thought that anyone he asks to do the same is going to comply. Pot and kettle come to mind there.

For me, this is the final time I will give this person any space on my blog. His negativity, pathological lying and ability to constantly change stories to involve more and more people is frankly tiresome now. Even the comedy value of his blog posts, videos and podcasts has worn. I mean, there is only so many times you can listen to the same thing over and over again (ask any AC/DC or Status Quo fan).

Oh and one last thing. Fuck me Mr Pattison? Fuck me? You'd have to catch me first. And although I have quite serious illnesses, I am still betting I could escape without losing my breath. If you want to talk as an adult, this is an open forum. You would find out I am not a troll. Just because someone disagrees with you does not instantly make them wrong. Namecalling should have been left behind in Primary school. And you should show more respect to people with learning difficulties. Calling someone a 'retard' is not a slur I like to type, nevermind be called.

If Karma is real, this person is building up one hell of a negative comeback. I wish him all the best, and I hope that one day, his mind will allow him to be at peace, and promote the things he loves instead of rallying against the things he hates.

As for me, I will now resume normal service. I apologise for the break in normality here, but I dislike not being given a chance to put my side across. There is no balance when that happens. Now, all is right with the world. I'm going to watch a film. Or listen to Ghost's 'Meliora' again.

Darkest regards......Dani.


  1. Hey brother I was the other dude posting on his vlog,and I will back you up cause I'm think he deleted your comments,you were very polite and respectful in the way you commented and asked him to prove his bullshit,he is a fucking whiney bag of bull shit,a fucking creepy creeper,I'm telling you on his fb he is going to a felicia day book signing today,and he will post videos of her saying oh check out my pal felicia, shit like that,ge says he has chatted with her a little on fb and Twitter,I'm bet u in 3 months he will be bashing her,he dosent understand how social media works, he thinks he is friends in real life with stars who friend him on fb,I heard he hates the Soska sisters case they didn't wish him happy birthday,she will do something to stab him in the back lol,I'm not much of a computer person but if anyone reads this go to his fb Paige and see the pic he posted of himself at the felicia day book signing, somebody needs to make a meme of it,he likes so creepy looks like he is about to blow a load lol

  2. He's been pulling the same crap for years. He obviously gets a kick out of lying about people and talking about them after he blocks them. The Lion has no claws.

  3. He has been trolled so hard he disabled comments on his youtube videos lol. Also his associate and friend and fellow author lol david zernhelt author of his own self published friday the 13th book is a low life child rapist, he was charged with raping a 13 year old girl when he was 18, also tried to murder his own parents by burning down their house,now fuck face can say I'm lying but just Google the name david zernhelt, this is the kind of people he has as buddies child rapist, that is sick. He might have friends and fans if he wasn't so full of shit and arrogant, he is the king of splatter punk because 400 horror fans demanded he take that title,lol yeah fucking right,it's always boo hoo poor me wirh him,someone is always stabbing him in the back,maybe it's time to look in the mirror dude,maybe u and your ego are the problem,it Seems he lacks basic social skills