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Monday, 24 August 2015

Dave and Al Get Coffee short film review.

Here is something a little different. A break from horror as I dip into Derek Huey and Rakesh Jacob's new comedy film titled 'Dave and Al Get Coffee'. Yes. You read that right. Comedy. There have always been elements of comedy in Derek's previous shorts, but this film, while having the biggest budget for one of Derek's films yet, dives headfirst into the funny, and it works incredibly well. It has been quite a while since a film had me laughing out loud, but 'Dave and Al Get Coffee' managed it numerous times throughout its duration. 
Before Dave and Al meet to get coffee, as the title suggests, they are harrassed by a couple of smart-mouthed cops. The dialogue is smooth here, as it is throughout the whole short, and the humour plays out akin to a 'View Askewniverse' Kevin Smith comedy, but not only with dialogue. There are some brilliant visual gags too.

Yes. Dave and Al Get Coffee is that good. Dave and Al then indavertanly stumble into a cafe that gets held up. There are some hilarious reactions from Al (played by Derek Huey) when the robber is attempting to sweet-talk a scared barristar in the coffee shop, and the chemistry between Dave (Blake Suarez) and Al throughout the short is both believable and hilarious. The robber manages to expertly exude both menace and sarcasm, and is all the funnier because of it. There is also a scene with a fire extinguisher which came out of nowhere, and took me by surprise, having me both snort and spit out my drink over my computer. And it isn't often anything will make me part with my drink.

The photography is wonderful and looks incredible, with still shots framing the actors perfectly. The hilarious, understated and off-the-wall humour and impassioned performances are all present and correct, and make this near 22 minute short a joy to behold.

Hilarious, honest and incredibly watchable, Dave and Al Get Coffee is another win for Derek Huey. If he carries on this way, he will be a household name before long. And that is no much more than he deserves in my opinion.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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