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Friday, 5 September 2014

Bill Zebub's 'Holocaust Cannibal' Limited Edition DVD!

Bill Zebub's new movie, entitled 'Holocaust Cannibal', has been raising funds on Indiegogo primarily for the creation of a limited-edition version of the movie that will be the 'First Cut', which may or may not end up as the final cut.

Now as many of you who have seen Bill Zebub's movies before, you should know he doesn't mind pushing the boundaries of taste, whilst intelligently but also comically facing things that are going on in our world today. 'Holocaust Cannibal' spoofs both the Cannibal sub-genre, and also the Nazisploitation sub-genre. It DOES NOT glorify Nazi germany in any way. There will also be statements throughout the film, but as we all know, Bill isn't preachy, so some of these will be subtle, such as Nazi's wearing uniforms in the jungle (showing that their ideas do not work in nature, and that they are artificial and self-defeating).

Bill gives a short synopsis on the Indiegogo page which I will also include here.

"Nazi's know they are losing the war. Some make plans to fly to Argentina where they will live in hiding. One such group boards a plane that gets hit by lightening. The survivors of the crash find themselves on an island of savages. Atrocities follow, but this time the Nazi's are on the other side of pain".

The Indiegogo campaign offers some fantastic perks, so go and check out the Indiegogo campaign now!

You can check out, and of course donate to the Indiegogo campaign for 'Holocaust Cannibal' by clicking HERE.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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