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Thursday, 21 August 2014

Jaldaboath interview (2014)

Jaldaboath came to my attention on the way back from London, when a friend told me to check them out, explaining that they contain ex-Meads of Asphodel founder/Ewigkeit mastermind James Fogarty. I say told me, he praised the band to the heavens, so I had little choice but to listen and see what I was missing. I can safely say that Jaldaboath have become one of my favourite bands since that time, their music able to do things that other metal bands fear, or do entirely by accident. They epitomise the very essence of 'British Humour' whilst also making the listener bang their heads to their one of a kind sound.

What follows is an interview with Grand Master Jaldaboth, so be seated, grab hold your chalice, and enjoy what this unworthy scribe managed to pry forth from the mighty Grand Master Jaldaboath.


(Dr. C) - I have heard so many good things about your crusade arriving at Bloodstock. Were the peasants and wenches accepting of your jovial merriment?

(Grand Master Jaldaboath) - As soon as we had arrived, tied up the horses and set camp, we set about readying ourselves for what was going to be a hard battle.  We were delighted to find that a large proportion of the crowd knew what merriment was coming and took to it with sheer abandonment !  Special thanks needs to be given to the axe wielding nuns, an unknown contingent of moshing and crowd-surfing knights and the honour guard provided by Battle of the Nations!

You have been compared to many British comedy legends. How did they pre-empt the magnificence you display, and do you think the merry jig you create will be misunderstood by non-British audiences?

First and foremostly, we are steeped in the delights of the typical Englishman ; bawdy tales, grand adventures and crass language.  It may be that non English-speaking audiences do not understand fully the tales which I recite, but I believe the “mummer play” pantomime style of the live show would appeal to any and all creeds.

Are there any plans to sally forth and crusade the beautiful Isle of England?

We had the opportunity of a 2 week national campaign with Alestorm, but had to turn it down.  A castle does not pay it’s own rent, and we need to ensure that the stables are well kept and the horses shod.  However, we are happy to make short skirmishes throughout the land in order to spread the terror that is Jaldaboath, as long as we are given ample amounts of ale, feed for the horses and a warm oven to heat our salted pork.

Your second album, 'The Further Adventures..' built on all of the best ingredients from your first release and EP, whilst also becoming ever more humourous. Is humour a thing that will remain a part of Jaldaboath, or do you see yourselves taking a darker path, like the one hinted on songs such as "Bring me the head of Metatron"?

Much like the hell-rakes of yesteryear, there are no boundaries to the depraved musical explorations of Jaldaboath.  We endeavour to leave no stone unturned if it serves the purpose of bringing converts to our table of saucy delights.  ‘Horse-riding Head-banging Metal’ is but one of the irons in the fire, be it ‘Battering Black Bulbous Barbarian Metal’, ‘Plague & Pestilence Punk-Rock’ or ‘Atonal Alchemical Arpeggiated Acid Funk’.   I am still awaiting the head of Metatron…

Your videos are a constant source of amusement and hilarity, and I have friends who swear by watching them every single day. Are there plans to make more visual accompaniments to your heraldic headbanging national anthems?

I have personally wanted nothing more than to illustrate further the adventures of Jaldaboath in magical multi-coloured moving tapestries, but we have been rather waylaid preparing for our campaigns of musical tomfoolery in order to do so.  However, HOPEFULLY this can be remedied soon and we can.

Who accompanies you on your crusades?

The full troop of Jaldaboath at this point consists of the following miscreants;

Turk Benistahn the Saracen – First Drummer Deluxe
Sir Bodrick of Tring – Knight of the Brazen Bass
Squire Pete ‘The Dragon” – Grand Guitarist Inspector
Grand Master Jaldaboath – Officer of Oratory and Knight of the Keyboard Realms

Your image reminds me of Terry Gilliam's Jaberwocky (as well as Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Blackadder 3 amongst others). How was this image decided upon, and was there anything in particular that made you follow the path you have chosen?

My father was, for many a year, one of the few remaining Heraldic Artists, appointed by the Royal College of Arms.  It was not unusual to view the Royal Crests being constructed in the basement of doom to adorn the fair streets of London.  This laid the bedrock of my interest in all things medieval and warlike.  When matched with my enduring love for not only Jabberwocky, Black Adder and other tales of period-based fantasy like Hawk the Slayer and The Holy Grail, but also the dark fantasy of early Scandinavian Black Metal, I guess it was just a matter of time until it all united and the grand lodge of Jaldaboath was founded.

Are there any bands you feel a kinship with?

With regards to the recorded music of Jaldaboath ?  This could range from Michael Praetorius through to Bal Sagoth and, quite literally, everything in between.  There are absolutely no boundaries as to what will inspire and influence Jaldaboath.  Master Turk will obviously want me to mention his other troop Gloryhammer, so there you go.

Your sound is incredibly original. Does it please you that you are playing a kind of music that isn't watered down and played by everyone?

One thing is for sure ; you won’t find a single group that sound anything like Jaldaboath as a finished product !  When in doubt of your classification, then it’s best to start your own.  If people eventually come to describe us simply as Jaldaboath, then we have been successful.

Jaldaboath are masters in both the banging of heads, and creating oversized grins on their followers faces. How do you achieve such godliness?

I had a dream ; a dream that one day we could bang our helmeted heads whilst dancing a jig and air-galloping all the way through the recitation of tales about bawdy tavern wenches and conquests of the thrusting sword whilst quaffing from our bejewelled goblets of ale.  That day is now here.  All hail Jaldaboath !

You can purchase either of Jaldaboth's albums from Death To Music by clicking HERE.

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Jaldaboath 'Hark the Herald' music video.

Jaldaboath 'The Wailing Witch of Moulsecoombe' music video.

 Darkest regards......Dani.

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