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Saturday, 10 August 2013

Jack Frost (1996).

Not to be confused with the Michael Keaton family movie of the same name (which was released two years later), Jack Frost is a laugh a minute, entertaining low budget comedy horror movie that also boasts one of the first on-screen appearances from Shannon Elizabeth (Angela in The Night of the Demons remake). I agree that the plot seems incredibly stupid, but it is pulled off with such self awareness and twisted humor that it more often than not works incredibly well. It also helped that in the UK, the VHS was released with a lenticular cover that shown both a cute looking snowman, and a monstrous snowman with icicle teeth. I have to admit to being a little disappointed that the snowman in the movie didn't look anything like the one on the cover, but that is such a small problem with a film as crazy as this.

Jack Frost is a serial killer who has vowed a gruesome revenge on the small town cop who managed to finally capture him. On the way to Jack's execution in the middle of winter, the prison vehicle is involved in an accident, and Jack gets doused in a toxic chemical that turns him into a living snowman with the ability to melt at will. Jack returns to the small town to keep his promise of a gruesome and bloody revenge.

The film really is one that polarizes horror fans the world over. Many ignore it's charms, and write it off as another cheap film that has no watchable value whatsoever. I myself fall into the other camp of people, who think Jack Frost is a classic amongst horror comedies. The deaths in the movie are outrageous, and are sure to bring a smile to even the hardened horror fan. While the acting might not be that great, it certainly comes into it's own when Jack attacks, with fear being shown to great effect.

The special effects belie the movies low budget. When we see Jack covered in the toxic chemical, his body melts, and it easily looks as good, if not better than any of the melts in Street Trash (only a lot less colorful). There are a lot of close-ups of snow, which in reality is foam, but it still manages to work to great effect, showing the killers movement and managing to build up a little suspense within the movie.

Another thing that makes me love this movie, is that Jack seems only to be able to speak in one liners, and every one of them is fantastic. It is very apparent that the filmmakers made this film to tickle the funny bones of every horror fan out there. And amazingly, through the not so good acting and silly storyline, it manages to shine.

Jack Frost is hilarious, features some incredibly bizarre Christmas/snow-themed deaths and some of the greatest one liners since Army of Darkness. So what if the story is silly? This film works, and while it may not be Hollywood in any way,shape or form, no one can deny that Jack Frost is one hell of an entertaining movie.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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