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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Early Graves 'Red Horse' 2012 album review.

'Red Horse' marks Early Graves first release since the unfortunate death of their front man Makh Daniels in 2010. Believe me, when you hit 'play', this album will blow you away in every way. Nothing could prepare you for the sheer visceral hatred, anger and an urgency unheard of from bands that have been around a good deal longer.

Whereas on earlier albums Early Graves sounded like a Frankenstein's monster of different sounds stitched together, on 'Red Horse', they have found how to make their tracks more cohesive. That isn't to say they don't meander through many different styles on this album, it just shows how much they have matured as a band, both in sound and in songwriting.

The album opens with Skinwalker, which begins with a soft acoustic lead, before heading into the bludgeoning sound this band are known for. The brutality doesn't let up, each song hitting you like a brick to the face.  Every single track bleeds with a new found vitality that energizes the listener, as well as throwing them around the room with the velocity and sheer brutality of every single track.

Many genres are sped through on this album, and even doom rears it's ugly head, as well as the crust/thrash/death metal staples that the band have been plying for a while. It all works so well and leaves the listener breathless. Technicality comes second. Aggression and a sheer will to destroy the listener are what make this album such an incredible listen. The production is raw, and this helps amplify the bands aggression tenfold.

The vocals are so angry, so full of pain that they almost make the music look soft in comparison. A special mention must go to vocalist John Strachan, who had a lot to live up to, and believe me, he surpasses any doubts you would have within minutes. The guitarists do their jobs well, injecting melody where needed as well as thrashing like crazy. The drums are spectacular, and certainly make the listener bang their heads. The drummer sounds similar to ex Today is the Day/Mastodon drummer Brann Dailor, holding the bands monstrous riffs together with amazing ease, while driving the band forward.

This is one pissed off band, and they certainly make that apparent through every one of the eight tracks on offer here. If you are looking for a band to strip the flesh from your bones, then Early Graves very well might be that band. Unrelenting brutality is what this band offer, and they do it well. So well infact, that they are in a class of their own.Give 'Red Horse' a listen. It will leave you beat up, bruised and ready to go through it all over again.

Check out the official video for the track 'Red Horse' below.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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