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Saturday, 22 September 2012

The Dentist ( 1996 ) .

A little seen movie, but one that I remember well from my younger years. This film had me cheering along with the insane Dr Feinstone and his obsession with cleanliness and his abhorrent distaste for decay.

Poor old Dr Feinstone. He spies his wife flirting with the pool cleaner, he sees an almost invisible stain on his shirt, his patients grow impatient with him, all making Dr Feinstone lose his grip on his sanity and making for a very entertaining horror movie directed by genre great Brian Yuzna (Bride of reanimator, Society, Return of the living dead part 3).

This movie contains something you don't tend to see much of in other horror  movies and that is mouth trauma. This film has it by the bucket load , from the first instance where Dr Feinstone makes a child's gum bleed, to severing his wife's tongue with a dentists drill, this film is a complete nightmare for anyone with a fear of dentists.

The humor is black, the gore and scares are all in the right place and the acting is amazing. Its not usual in my reviews that I comment on the people that star in these movies, but Corbin Bernsen plays Dr Feinstone amazingly, showing a man already suffering from some kind of mental disorder (his wife reminds him to take what I assume are anti psychotic pills) going into a downward spiral that leads to hallucinations and murder.

I was lucky enough to have a chat with Brian Yuzna a year or so ago, and asked him if he had any thoughts of returning to the dentist franchise as the sequel (titled The dentist 2) was left open for another movie, but he informed me that he no longer had the rights to The Dentist movies so can no longer do anything with the franchise he created (along with Dennis Paoli , Stuart Gordon and Charles Finch).

I advise any ardent horror movie fan, or just a casual movie fan looking for something that little bit different to try and track this amazing movie down and let Dr Feinstone free in their living rooms!!

You can purchase The Dentist from Amazon by clicking here.

Darkest regards......Dani.

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  1. Completely agree with you. Top film. Just don't watch it prior to having a scale and polish. The sequel is great too.