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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Killjoy goes to Hell.

First of all, I would like to thank Full Moon for sending me a copy of this to review, and secondly if you thought Killjoy's revenge was crazy, this one goes all the way up to eleven!

Killjoy is sent to hell and has his powers removed as his last victim managed to escape his clutches. Poor Killjoy. His attorney wants to be just like him, the prosecution (or D.A) is his ex girlfriend and it doesn't look like Killjoy is ever going to get out of hell again.

This is probably the greatest Full Moon movie I have seen in a long time. I was disappointed with Demonic toys II, and Puppet master: Axis of evil left a bad taste in my mouth (too much dialogue, and not enough puppet action) .

Trent Haaga yet again portrays the evil clown and truly shines playing the mad demon. Batty Boop, Freakshow and Punchy all return and try and help Killjoy out of trouble. It even features a British comedian I used to watch many years ago (and I still remember his theme song strangely enough) called Jim Tavare as the scribe of Satan.

In my not so humble opinion, Killjoy goes to hell is an incredibly enjoyable movie and for something that was shot in only seven days, it makes it all the more better.

I ask all of you to check this out and support Full Moon and all involved with this movie. It really does put a smile on my face knowing people are still making films this crazy.

You can purchase Killjoy goes to hell from Full moon direct by clicking here.

Darkest regards......Dani.


  1. How did you get Full Moon to send it to you? That's awesome.

  2. I contacted Charles Band via Facebook first of all,who put me In contact with someone else who took my name,address etc and it went from there.I grew up with these movies,and its a pleasure being able to share my love for them

  3. You love shit and it's not a pleasure trying to read your blog.