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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Amer (2009).

Possibly one of the most unique films I have ever had the pleasure of viewing, Amer pays great homage to the Giallo, but is so much more than that label could ever wish to be. Mixing surrealism and horror, this film manages to bring up memories of both Lynch and Argento with it's tale of voyeurism and the story of a girls development into womanhood.

There are many scenes in this film that are bathed in reds, blues, greens and purples, and it lends the film it's dreamlike quality which goes a long way to add to the surrealism of the picture. There is very little dialogue. The films characters express themselves through sighs, moans and whispers, which again comes across as strange but entrancing.

The film is shot magnificently, bringing to mind the greatest work of Argento with dizzying camera-work and shots that simply take the viewers breath away. There are lots of quick cuts to keep the viewer on their toes. Although the movie is relatively easy to follow, I don't think it is easy to explain what the movie is about, as it is very subversive. This again only goes to add to the surrealism and beauty of the film. There is also a strong undercurrent of threat running throughout the film, which should please fans of the macabre no end.

The film certainly manages to come into it's own in it's final segment, where our female protagonist, who we have followed through her childhood, through her teens, and now into womanhood, is stalked by a killer. The amount of close-up's of eyeballs and straight razors would be enough to satiate any fan of Giallo.

'Amer' is an excellent example of film that isn't straight-forward, that likes to play with convention and wants to titillate the viewer with more than just acres of naked flesh and breast shots. The film uses colour and sound to great effect, making the audio and images work into the subconscious of the viewers, leaving them with something to think about and comprehend.

Who said movies should be easy-going?

Darkest regards......Dani

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