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Tuesday, 23 October 2012


What a movie!! British director Alex Chandon (Pervirella, Cradle of fear) returns with his third feature, and hell what an amazing ride!!

The film tells the story of a group of young offenders and their care workers taking a trip to a small village in the north of England called Mortlake for some team building exercises. After a visit to a pub named The dirty hole and an incident by some disused trains, things get a hell of a lot bloodier for our group of teens and their care workers.

This film really is insane on all levels! The story is gripping, the gore FX look brilliant and the ending just tops the whole movie off brilliantly!

There is even a cameo by a British soap opera actor named Dominic Brunt in the role of Podge who happily carries a chainsaw around with him and uses it with great pleasure.

I really have nothing bad to say about this movie. It manages to please on every level and has the same kind of energy as Evil dead II or Braindead (Dead alive) .

The cinematography is also beautiful, capturing the north of England perfectly. There are also some great one liners in the film and when the Inbred's of the title have one of their shows, the costumes they wear are not only hilarious but they are also rather disturbing with over exaggerated movements to go with the costumes.

The deaths in the movie have to be seen to be believed. I'm not going to reveal any of them, because I think anyone reading this should go out and see this movie no matter what!!

You can purchase the Region 2 DVD from Amazon by clicking here.

You can purchase the Region B Blu ray from Amazon by clicking here.

Watch it as soon as possible!!!! You won't regret it!!

Darkest regards......Dani.


  1. I've been thinking about getting this, but I'm not too sure about which side of "Revenge of Billy the Kid" it falls. It may be too comedic for me.

    By the way, I just read your "discussion" with that ponce. LOL Stuff like that makes me want to create sockpuppet accounts and launch in on everything he's ever written.

    Also, while I'm here, what is going on with the spacing in your posts? You have spaces on either side of your commas and brackets, yet no spaces between the full stops and the next sentence. Is something not copying over properly from your word processor into the editor on Blogger?

  2. Its just the way things are done round here lol.No reason other than that.

    The comedy in Inbred is subtle ,and very monty python esque.It is purely British in every way.Dont let the fact its funny put you off,its the stereotypes that are funny,not the actions.