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Monday, 20 August 2018

The Sequel you always wanted, but never asked for!!

Hello again! It appears the crypt is once more open for business! In my time away, so much has happened! I've met the woman of my nightmares, visited London with her, travelled to the US to spend time with her, visited my very first Horror convention and become the luckiest man alive by marrying her gorgeous corpse (not the same kind I keep in my cellar). It is with great aplomb that I am once again opening the doors to Dr Carnage's World of Horror, and joining me will be my stunningly decomposing Bride, Madame Carnage, who will be joining me for reviews, articles, editorials and interviews. So I ask each and every one of you to applaud this wonderful cadaver, and welcome you into your hearts (not too close though, she has a voracious appetite for tickers). Coming soon, we will both be reviewing American Guinea Pig: Song of Solomon. Something we are both really looking forward to. And to anyone who doubts my corpse bride's knowledge on horror, I can assure you she has outwitted me on many an occasion, and she managed to sit through Mordum without even flinching. A fine feat in anyone's book. So join us in a monster mash of Epic proportions as we once more open the crypt and invite you in to explore Dr Carnage's World of horror!! Welcome Back!!

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